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2021 sporting club proposal

We want to give back to the local club community, and we thought what better way to do than to help you provide your members with new, unique and delicious drink offerings, a win-win! 

Our 2021 sponsorship offer includes the following; 
  •  $100 cash donation* or one free case of Sangria ($105.60 value) for every 5 cases of cans purchased 
  • Access to wholesale pricing usually only offered to fully-licensed, trade customers 
  • 10% cash donation (or product) of wholesale value on all kegged products purchased 
  •  “Welcome to Cloud Cuckoo” offer - purchase 4 or more cases in your first order and we’ll throw in a free case of sangria! 
  • Free dispensing equipment where required, couplers, glasses etc. for events 

 *We will pay your club the cash amount owing at the end of each Quarter. 

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Customer account form

We love new customers! 

To process your order, we need a couple of details from you. Basic stuff such as your delivery address, ABN etc. 

To get you up and running quickly, we have created a customer account form that can be accessed via the button below. 

After you have filled this out, you will be directed to our ordering portal where you can place your initial order. 

Moving forward, you can place your orders by emailing or texting Max at or 0448154354.

Wholesale price list

Show me the money $$

Our price list has been designed with YOU in mind and includes both our kegged and canned products. 

We have included all the information* that we feel is relevant to wholesale customers such as the cost per serve and your profit margin. 

Please be aware that the RRP on the cans is for retail stores, for venues selling cans you should naturally charge more. 

* not included is the time it takes to prepare a cloud cuckoo cocktail vs traditionally made cocktails (FYI it’s <10 seconds per serve).


The staple in our product range.
Most of our cocktails come in convenient 20L KeyKegs with the exception of Clementine’s Mulled Wine which comes in a 5L Drum. 

Our Kegs work with your existing tap system and only require a KeyKeg coupler and a special foaming tap (for the espresso martini) which we can supply.

CAN you get any more convenient? 

Cans are great for smaller venues, or those looking to give our products a whirl before going full keg.

Our cans come in 24 x can boxes and can be sold by the box, in 4-packs or individually.
Just like your favourite milkshake except with alcohol and no milk.

Slushies are the latest addition to our range and we have been blown away by demand!

It is definitely worth considering adding to your range too, and we’d love to help you out as we not only supply the beverage but also supply the slushie machine required to make the magic happen.

We are currently offering ready-to-use frozen margarita and mojito. Available in cartons of 3 x 5L containers.
From a one-dayer to a week-long gastronomic festival, we’ve got you covered on all aspects of pre-mixed drinks.

 From cans, to kegs, to slushie mixes and even tailor-made cocktails, we can supply the lot! 

We also have dispensing equipment available for event-use that works seamlessly with all of our products.